To ask the Minister for Finance if he is aware that James Hyland, one of the victims of the shooting in O'Connell Street, on Sunday the 19th November, is still in Jervis Street Hospital in a critical condition; if he is aware that his wife and three children have no income or any means of support whatsoever; if he will state whether the Government will take immediate steps to provide for this family and others similarly situated.

I regret that it is not possible yet to state what course the Government can pursue in regard to such a case as this. It is an individual case of a class which may be somewhat large and a uniform policy will be necessary. I hope that a fair line of action may soon be defined—perhaps in connection with the Bill which I am about to introduce in regard to criminal injuries.

May I ask the Minister whether there is any Committee with funds out of which the families of men similarly situated can get assistance, for instance the White Cross, or some similar organisation? This family I know is entitled to relief any way, and have no means of support. Could not something be done somewhere?

If the Deputy takes that up with me privately, we shall see whether it is possible to do something in such a case, but I could not undertake to promise anything.