To ask the Minister for Finance whether he will state the intentions of the Government regarding compensation to persons in Westmeath, Longford, and Roscommon who suffered serious injury to property and person from direct enemy action during the late Anglo-Irish war; whether it is true that those who lodged claims in the enemy courts at the time have received compensation under the Shaw Award, and that those who did not recognise these courts have received no compensation; and, further, will the Minister see that such claimants are compensated.

As regards the claims for damage done to property before the Truce, the position is that where decrees were obtained after a defence had been made by the County Council concerned, steps for payment are at present being taken. Where no decrees were obtained, or where decrees were obtained but the County Council of the area where the damage occurred did not make a defence, the claims are subject to adjudication by the Compensation Commission. There is no foundation for the suggestion made in the question that there is a discrimination against persons who refused to recognise the courts of the late Government. In the case of injury to the person, the Government of Saorstát Eireann are responsible for the provision of due compensation to supporters of the National side who suffered injury, and proposals to give full effect to this arrangement are being considered.