To ask the Minister for Defence whether he is aware that the Commercial Hotel, Balla, the property of Mr. McEllin, was commandeered by National troops on 29th July, 1922, further, whether he is aware that through this action Miss M.J. Wynne, manageress of the said establishment, has been disemployed, and has been unable since to find suitable employment, and further, will he see that this lady will receive compensation to the amount of £55, being the loss sustained by such disemployment.

The hotel mentioned was commandeered by the Army and Miss Wynne has made a claim for compensation in respect of loss of employment, but it is not possible to entertain such claim.


May I ask the Minister for Defence if he is aware that this young lady is out of employment practically for 8 or 9 months, and that she has not received one penny from unemployment benefit or as compensation. She is about £55 out of pocket, because the Army commandeered this hotel, and surely it is just that she should get some compensation? May I ask the Minister to re-consider the question, and see that she does get something?

The matter if one for reconsideration at all, is one for reconsideration by the Finance Department.