The Comptroller and Auditor-General Bill, as amended in Committee, is reported to the Dáil. Two amendments were made in Committee.

The Bill is not to any extent damaged, and perhaps the Dáil would allow us to take it on again and get it through to go before the Seanad on Wednesday. I explained already that the whole of the Executive Council had to sign a document accepting the responsibility for moneys released since the 6th December, so that properly speaking any moneys released since that date have been illegally released, so that the sooner we get this settled the better. If the Dáil was agreeable, I would move that we take the Fourth Stage this evening.

I second the motion.

Question put: "That the Comptroller and Auditor-General Bill be received for final consideration."

I move that the Bill be now passed.

May I ask what is the intention of the Ministry with regard to making an appointment? The person appointed will be an officer of the Dáil by special provision. Is it the intention of the Ministry that a Committee should be appointed on which, of course, the Ministry would have the nomination of the majority, or is it intended that the appointment shall be made on the suggestion of the Ministry and left to the Dáil. I think the former would be the wiser way in view of the importance of the office, and I do not think it will make any difference, but probably give greater confidence in the final selection.

I am willing to have a Committee.

It is not intended, I presume, to have the office advertised.

That would be a very undesirable thing in an office of this character.

Is the first suggestion of Deputy Johnson that a Committee be appointed to make a recommendation to the Dáil accepted?

Question put: "That the Comptroller and Auditor-General Bill be now passed."

The President will bring forward suggestions for the Committee on Wednesday