To ask the Minister for Defence if it is true that goods were supplied to the Army, for the 2nd Eastern and 1st Southern Divisions, then operating in Dublin, last June and July, by Terence O'Gorman, of 19 Cowper Road, Dublin, and if in spite of the fact that he, O'Gorman, has been repeatedly informed that his accounts for such goods have been passed for payment, he cannot now get any answer from the Army Authorities to his demands for payment? Further, if, having regard to the fact that first reading has been given to a Bill, proposed by the Executive Council, to enforce the prompt payment of outstanding accounts, it is proposed to make the Army as amenable to the provisions of this Bill as other debtors?

Accounts have been received from Mr. O'Gorman for the goods in question. It is regretted that there has been undue delay in dealing with these accounts, and that Mr. O'Gorman was informed that they had been passed for payment when such was not the case. I may say, however, that there have been difficulties in tracing the officers who contracted the accounts. Inquiries are being pursued in the matter.