TUARASGABHAIL ON gCOISTE AR THUARASTAIL AGUS LIUNTAISI. - (Report of Committee on Salaries and Allowances).

Do ceapadh an Coiste seo do réir rúin den Dáil den 3 adh Eanair, 1923, chun machtnamh do dhéanamh agus tuarasgabháil do thabhairt ar thuarastail agus díoluíochta oiriúnacha d'oifigí iomdha na n-Airí, an Chinn Chomhairle, an LeasChinn Chomhairle, Teachtaí na Dála, agus Oifigeach na Dála.

This Committee was appointed by resolution of An Dáil of date January 3rd, 1923, to consider and report on salaries and payments suitable for the various offices held by Ministers, the Ceann Comhairle, the Leas-Cheann Comhairle, and Teachtai of Dáil Eireann, and of Officials of Dáil Eireann.

Do réir rún na Dála do tháinig an Coiste le chéile agus do shocruíodar an Sceideal Tuarastal agus Liúntas a ghabhann leis seo do mhola don Dáil.

In pursuance of the resolution of the Dáil, the Committee met and decided to recommend the appended Schedule of Salaries and Allowances to the Dáil.

Sighnithe, Deputies

J. DOLAN (Chairman).









15adh Eanair, 1923.

J.B. WHELEHAN (Rúnaí).





1. —Go ndíolfar tuarastal £2,500 per annum le Uachtarán na hAireachta.

1. —That the President of the Ministry be paid a salary of £2,500 per annum.



2. —Go ndíolfar tuarastal £1,700 per annum le gach Aire seachas an t-Uachtarán.

2. —That all Ministers other than the President be paid a salary of £1,700 per annum.



3. —Go ndíolfar tuarastal £1,700 per annum leis an gCeann Comhairle.

3. —That the Ceann Comhairle be paid a salary of £1,700 per annum.



4. —Go ndíolfar tuarastal £1,000 per annum leis an Leas-Cheann Comhairle.

4. —That the Leas-Cheann Comhairle be paid a salary of £1,000 per annum.



5. —Go lomhálfar £30 sa mí chun costaisí do gach Teachta seachas Airí, an Ceann Comhairle, agus an Leas-Cheann Comhairle.

5. —That each Teachta other than Ministers, the Ceann Comhairle and the Leas-Cheann Comhairle be allowed a sum of £30 per month towards expenses.



6. —Go ndíolfar tuarastal £1,200 per annum le Cléireach na Dála.

6. —That the Clerk of the Dáil be paid a salary of £1,200 per annum.

7. —Go ndíolfar tuarastal £850 per annum le Fo-Chléireach na Dála.

7. —That the Assistant Clerk be paid a salary of £850 per annum.

8. —Go ndíolfar tuarastal £500 per annum le Captaen an Ghárda.

8. —That the Captain of the Guard be paid a salary of £500 per annum.



9. —Go bhfaghaidh Teachtaí cóir thaistil sa chéad rang in aisge idir Bhaile Atha Cliath agus a nDáilcheanntair. Go bhfaghfar an chóir thaistil le “Ticéidí Saosúir” no le plean pasanna a sholáthróidh an Aireacht Airgid i gcomhairle le Rúnaí an Choiste seo.

9. —That free first-class railway travelling facilities be provided Teachtai between Dublin and the respective constituencies of Teachtai. That such facilities be provided by a system of “Season Tickets” or of Vouchers provided by the Ministry of Finance in consultation with the Secretary of this Committee.

10. —Go ndéanfaidh an Aireacht Airgid aith-dhíol le gach Teachta as na costaisí taistil do chuir sé suas roimh na ticéidí no na pasanna atá luaidhte i (9) do theacht amach ach cúntas cruinn d'fháil ar na costaisí sin.

10. —That travelling expenses incurred by Teachtai prior to the issue of the Tickets or Vouchers referred to in (9) be refunded by the Ministry of Finance to each Teachta on production by him of details in order.



11. —Ná beidh aon Teachta i dteideal aon phribhléide den tsórt atá luaidhte sa dtuarasgabháil seo, no go mbeidh Rolla na Dála sighnithe agus a shuidheachán tógtha aige.

11. —That no Teachta shall be entitled to any such privilege as set out in this report until he has signed the roll and taken his seat in Dáil Eireann.

I beg to move the adoption of the Report of the Committee on Salaries and Allowances, and in doing so I beg to draw attention to the last paragraph, which says, "That no Teachta shall be entitled to any such privilege as set out in this report until he has signed the roll and taken his seat in Dáil Eireann." In reference to that the Committee had under consideration the case of one, or perhaps two, Deputies who were unable to attend and sign the roll at the beginning of this Dáil owing to illness. The Committee had in mind that when they attended they would be treated as having been present, and entitled to the allowance.

I beg to second the motion.

I take it that that addendum which the mover has verbally presented to the Dáil is understood, and that if this is passed that that will also be understood to have been accepted.

I think it is desirable that the Minister for Finance should agree.

I take it that it be included, then, that illness is to be taken as a reason for a Deputy not being in a position to take his seat on a given day.

I think the position is, that if a Deputy who has been ill until, say, next week, then takes his seat in the ordinary way, he shall be entitled to the allowance from December 6th. It is not mentioned specifically at all, but that I take it is the idea.

This, I expect, will have to be put in the form of a Bill, and I take it it is the wish of the Dáil that it should be included.

I think that is the case.

There is no question then, but that of the allowance, where a Deputy has not taken his seat.

There was a question about a Teachta who has been away from Ireland on business or travelling. I do not know, but I think there was a question raised about one Teachta.

All I would wish to know is what would meet the wishes of the Deputies. I take it that this would be an agreed Bill, and I want an expression from the Dáil on that particular matter.

I take it the Dáil is quite clear about the question of illness, and when the Bill is being considered in Committee any other legitimate cause can be brought forward.

It is not a matter, of course, in which the Minister for Finance would have discretion. There is another gentleman to be satisfied now as to its legality.

In that case, would it not be well to make an addition to the Resolution? The officer recently appointed will, undoubtedly require some authority, and the Minister for Finance has indicated that fact. I would move, therefore, the addition of the following words to Clause 11:—"That in case of absence through illness or other legitimate cause any Teachta, on signing the roll, will be entitled to the privileges heretofore set out." The legitimacy of the case then would be a subject for consideration by whichever authority is responsible.

I do not think the Deputy's amendment would fulfil the idea in regard to making the payment retrospective. That, I think, is the point. If a Bill is to be presented would it not be possible to incorporate this in it?

As long as I get what is in the mind of Deputies, if this is an agreed Bill, I would like that brought out, so that the Bill would not have to be materially altered, and that no one would have a grievance that some point that was urged was not set out in it.

I was rather under the impression that this Resolution, if passed, would be an authority to pay.

I want to have the pro. tem. arrangement put in order.

Very good.

The following amendment has been suggested. "In the case of a Teachta who has been unable to take his seat in consequence of illness or other legitimate cause, the privileges herein set out shall be granted retrospectively on his signing the roll."

I accept that wording.

I desire to second that.

Only one point arises in connection with that, and that is where a man is detained by sickness or ill-health for a long period, quite possibly he might not be able to come and sign the roll. I think, before we give a final decision on that, we should bear in mind the possibility of such a case.

I think nobody would be able to receive an allowance who is not a member. No man becomes a member until he has signed the roll.

The only point I wish to raise is whether the signing of the roll by a man who was stricken by illness could in any way be got over now.

I do not think so.

Amendment agreed to.
Question put: "That the report as amended be passed."