To ask the Minister for Finance when it is proposed to furnish Deputies and the public Press with copies of the Malicious Injuries Bill, to which a first reading has already been given? Also, to ask if he is aware that at the last Sessions several County Court Judges adjourned malicious injury claims until the next Sessions, or until a date to be decided by the Executive Council; and if, having regard to this fact, and the public cost and convenience, he will now state by what date it is expected that these adjourned cases may be set down for hearing?

I hope that it will be possible to publish this Bill before the end of next week. The Judges have, I understand, very properly adjourned the hearing of claims pending the legislation. I cannot speculate on the time that due consideration of the Bill in both Houses will require.

Has the Minister had his attention drawn to the fact that in about three or four cases the County Court Judges have postponed these matters, and have stated in the wording I have put into the question, that they have so postponed them to a date to be decided by the Executive Council?

I have not seen it, but I understand it is so. This is one of the matters which I had in my mind when answering the question of the Deputy who asked this question, and also in answering the question of Deputy Alfred Byrne. A Bill such as this absorbs very much more time in the Dáil than one might think, and requires careful consideration and examination before it comes up.