To ask the Postmaster-General whether the night mails for Enfield (Co. Meath) sub-district are now sent from Dublin by the 6.15 p.m. train to Mullingar and thence back to Enfield next morning, arriving at 9.50 a.m.; whether the mails from Dublin, dropped from the limited mail about 7.45 a.m., are held up in Enfield till the mail bag returns from Mullingar, involving a delay of over two hours in delivery; whether the night despatch from Enfield is sent first to Mullingar by train leaving Enfield at 7.15 p.m., and thence to Dublin by next morning's train, arriving in Dublin about 10.45 a.m., the letters not being delivered till next day, thus making a delay of two days in the delivery of a letter at a distance of some 20 miles; and whether he would consider making an arrangement by which the night mail might be sent direct from Enfield to Dublin, instead of Mullingar; and what other arrangements he is making to remedy this state of affairs.

It has now been arranged to have direct despatches made from both Dublin and Mullingar to Enfield by evening trains, and to restore the earlier hour of the morning delivery. The delay to correspondence from Enfield for Dublin, referred to in the second part of the Deputy's question, has already come under notice, and a direct despatch to Dublin by the last evening train was instituted on the 22nd instant. This enables the correspondence to be included in the first morning delivery.