I should like to ask can any Minister answer Question No. 2 on behalf of the Minister for External Affairs.

To ask the Minister for External Affairs, having regard to the provisions of Article 3 of the Constitution of Saorstát Eireann, when he proposes to issue Irish Passports; and if he is aware that the position of Irish citizens at present resident in foreign countries remains a most anomalous one, pending this decision.

This matter is under consideration, but at present we are not in a position to make any pronouncement. It is under consideration, notwithstanding the Deputy's smile.

I think, for an impromptu reply, that it is exactly what one might have expected. Will you take notice, Sir, that I will set down this question for Tuesday next? I see now that the Minister for External Affairs has come in, and I would like him to read out what exactly his printed reply is.

The Minister for External Affairs would have given an answer if Deputy Figgis had waited until a suitable time. That is provided for, and has been done before. The Deputy has received one reply, but there is no objection to his receiving a second.

The Minister for External Affairs confirms what I have said.