To ask the Minister for Defence if he has received numerous claims against the Army authorities arising out of the commandeering of private property for military purposes since last June, for damage to such premises and property during the period of occupation as well as for rent during such period, also for goods supplied to various sections of the National Forces by private traders in all parts of the Free State area, if he will state whether the payment of all such claims is at the discretion of the Army Council or if they are enquired into by any special Committee appointed by the Minister for Defence or the Minister for Finance, also to state whether he will urge the authorities concerned to expedite the payment of the many old outstanding claims incurred in this connection.

Many claims of the kind mentioned have been received. Those in respect of commandeered premises are now being dealt with by the Office of Public Works; those in respect of goods requisitioned by a Departmental Committee appointed by me; and an Inter-departmental Committee is considering claims in respect of motor cars.

Everything is now being done to expedite the payment of these outstanding claims.