To ask the Minister for Defence whether he is aware that John Burn, a chemist and dispenser in the South Dublin Union, was arrested and imprisoned on 29th January last; that, having demanded trial and being refused, the prisoner went on hunger strike, and that Mr. Burn is a disciple of the late Sheehy-Skeffington and an ardent pacificist; and whether, having regard to these facts, he will have the case further investigated forthwith, with a view to the release of the prisoner.

Mr. Burn was arrested on the 29th January for having, at a public meeting in O'Connell Street, on the 7th January, advocated mutiny in the Army as the best means of defeating the Government. He acted as Medical Officer to Irregulars during the operations around the Four Courts. He has declined to sign the usual form of undertaking. I am making inquiries as to whether he cannot be formally charged with an offence.

Is he still on hunger strike?

I cannot say.