To ask the Minister for Defence whether he is aware that two motor cars belonging to Mr. H. Johnstone, Mardyke Street, Athlone, were commandeered by Army officers, one on the 2nd July, 1922, and the other on 12th July, 1922, that one car was returned after fortyfive days in very bad condition, that the other, L. 1830, a new car, has not yet been returned; that Mr. Johnstone has received nothing on account in respect of his cars, though his bill has been furnished on several occasions, that also he has not yet been paid for goods, amounting to £503, commandeered and supplied to the Athlone Barracks. Further, to ask if the Minister will expedite the payment to Mr. Johnstone of the moneys due to him.

I have not been able in the time to ascertain the particulars of this case, but a claim has been received from Mr. Johnstone. Its consideration will be expedited.