To ask the Minister for Defence if he is aware that, on account of the seizure of their boat as a military precaution, the fishermen of Curran have been deprived of their chief means of livelihood, and if he will consider the advisability of allowing the crew of each boat a subsistence allowance for the time their boats are under seizure; if he can state the number of boats under seizure in Westport; and if he has assured himself that the boats are in a place of absolute safety?

I am informed that no boats were ever seized by our troops at Curran, but boats were taken in Clew Bay.

I regret that it is not possible to entertain any suggestion that subsistence allowances should be granted in these cases, and also that it is not considered advisable at present to return the boats which are held in safety at Westport. I am enquiring as to their number.

The question of compensation in respect of their detention will be considered.