To ask the Minister for Local Government if it is a fact that the Presiding Officers and Poll Clerks employed at polling in the election for County Cavan in June, 1922, have not yet been paid the fees due to them; whether the Returning Officer has paid the officers around the town of Cavan, but has not paid all officers throughout the county on the ground that he has not got the necessary money; and what steps the Minister will take to expedite payment.

The representations in this question are at present the subject of investigation.

An advance of £970 was made to the Returning Officer on account of expenses, and this sum should have been quite sufficient to discharge the claims of all Presiding Officers and Poll Clerks. The Returning Officer has not intimated that the advance was insufficient to meet liabilities, and, notwithstanding applications, he has not yet furnished a final account. An Inspector of the Ministry has interviewed the Returning Officer, and warned him that serious consequences will ensure if all outstanding claims are not settled without further delay.