To ask the Minister for Defence whether he is aware that a bicycle, the property of John Haugh, N.T., Kilbane Boys' School, Broadford, Co. Clare, was commandeered by National Troops, under Captain D. Purcell (who gave a receipt) from Dilworth's Cycle Stores, Limerick, on December 23rd, 1922, and that repeated applications for its return have been made without result; if he is aware that this teacher has no other means of travelling to his school, and is now compelled to hire a car to take him to his work, a distance of 3½ miles from his home; if he will see that the bicycle is immediately returned, and suitable compensation paid to cover loss and expenses incurred.

I am aware that Mr. Haugh's bicycle was commandeered. The question of its return or compensation in lieu thereof is receiving attention.