I ask leave to introduce this Bill which is intended to make suitable provision for the widow, children, and sister of the late President Arthur Griffith in consideration of his eminent services to the Nation. I do not think it is necessary to say much, if anything at all, in support of a motion for leave to introduce this Bill. I think it will be admitted generously by this Dáil that such a provision being made by Oireachtas is in keeping with the unanimous desire of the Dáil.

No man could have done more for his country than the late President, and in doing that he devoted not alone all his talents but also whatever wealth he possessed to that purpose. The provision proposed to be made is a modest provision, barely sufficient, I think, to meet the requirements of the case. I think that it would be, perhaps, the best tribute to the memory of this great Irishman that no very elaborate statement should be made on the introduction of a measure of this sort, and I move accordingly.

I beg to second the motion.

Question put and agreed to.
Bill ordered for Second Reading on Tuesday, 6th March.