To ask the Minister for Local Government if any money is yet available to enable Rural Councils to proceed with the erection of labourers' cottages in rural areas, and if so, on what terms can the money be obtained.

I am not yet in a position to add anything to my reply to a similar question addressed to me on the 7th inst., in regard to rural housing.

In view of the urgency of the matter, can the Minister tell us if anything is being done to expedite rural housing? Is he aware that in Wexford, in 1914, a scheme embracing 91 houses was passed and a loan of £12,219 was sanctioned by the old Local Government Board, and is he aware that of this sum only £1,500 was procured by the Wexford District Council who have gone to a certain amount of expense in the matter?

I do not know that anything can be done until some settlement is reached with the British Treasury.

Are we to understand by that, that the question is one which has first to be settled between the Free State and the British Treasury, and that nothing can be done until then?

The question of getting money for these unissued balances is one that must be arranged with the British Treasury. If a satisfactory arrangement cannot be reached some new financial arrangement will have to be made, and, until a decision has been reached with the British Treasury, I do not think it is likely that any alternative arrangement will be made.