asked the Minister for External Affairs if he is aware of complaints regarding delays in securing passports for European countries, and if he will issue a public notice explaining the regulations for securing such passports so as to expedite the securing of same.

From the time that the application for a passport to any European country, except Germany, reaches the Passport Office, 6 Hume Street, Dublin, it takes from six to seven days to complete the necessary formalities and deliver the passport, if the applicant resides in Dublin. In all parts in the Free State, outside the Metropolitan District of Dublin, application has to be made through the Clerk of the District Court. When the Clerk of the District Court has made inquiries regarding the person who desires the passport, he forwards the application to Dublin. When this order is observed the passport is delivered to the applicant within 10 days from the day of the application. Inside the Dublin Metropolitan District, application is originally made to the Office of the Commissioner of the D.M.P. in Dublin Castle.

Passports to Germany must still be vised and people who desire to travel to Germany must furnish documentary evidence as to the objects of their journey which must be either for business or for some other serious purpose. Applicants for such passports should, therefore, apply at least 15 days before the date of leaving Ireland.