asked the Minister for Defence whether it is a fact that stoppage of 1s. 1d. per week was made out of the pay of members of the Labour Corps, National Army, for Unemployment Insurance Benefit; whether applications have been made by discharged members of this Corps for Unemployment Benefit; whether these applications have been refused on the ground that their cards have not been sufficiently stamped, and if he will see that these men will suffer no disadvantage by reason of the failure of someone in authority to stamp their cards?

Mr. HOGAN (for Minister for Defence)

Deductions were made from the pay of certain members of the late Railway Protection, Repair and Maintenance Corps for the purpose of paying Unemployment Insurance contributions. A legal question has, however, arisen, and is now under consideration, as to the propriety of this course. If it is found that these contributions are not valid, the deductions will be refunded to the men concerned: if valid, the contributions will be duly credited and benefit paid where required.

If they are not, will the men lose the benefit they would have derived if they had paid them themselves?

I take it the assurances that were given that these men would be kept in benefit will be taken into account?


I am not in a position to answer that question at the moment. I will convey what you say to the Minister for Defence.