asked the Minister for Finance whether his attention has been called to the class of civil servants known as "Lytton entrants," whether he is aware that a Committee presided over by Lord Southborough has recommended an increase of emolument for "Lytton entrants" in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and whether he can state whether it is proposed to act on the recommendations of this Committee where "Lytton entrants" in the Saorstát are concerned.

This matter is at present under consideration. I may remind the Deputy that the Southborough Committee was appointed by the British Government, subject to the change of Government, and any question of revising remuneration of Free State civil servants has to be decided by reference to Free State conditions.

Is the Minister aware that this matter has been under consideration since July, and that many of these "Lytton entrants" propose to avail of the terms of the Treaty if a decision is not arrived at soon?

The Deputy has informed me that they propose to do that.

Will the Minister state why he did not answer the letter in which I informed him of that? He did not even acknowledge it.

We are tired of the "Lytton entrants."