asked the Minister for Local Government up to what date the books of the Tirconaill (Letterkenny) Mental Hospital have been audited, and what was the nature of the business transacted at a Special Meeting of the Committee, convened by the Ministry of Local Government on the 21st ultimo, as reported in "Derry Journal" of 23rd ultimo.

The accounts of Tirconaill Mental Hospital have been audited, so far as possible, up to 31st March, 1923, but as several of the books had not been written up when the Auditor attended, the accounts could not be certified correct. Steps have been taken to ensure that the clerical work of the Mental Hospital shall be properly and punctually carried out in future.

The Special Meeting of the Committee of Management, held on 21st November last, met to consider a Report of the Inspector of Lunatic Asylums on an inquiry into the administration of the institution, together with a covering letter from the Ministry of Local Government.

Will the Minister consider the necessity of appointing a committee of independent ratepayers, as a Committee of Investigation, to investigate the state of this institution?

I will take that matter into consideration.

Would the Minister, in the alternative, appoint a Commissioner to administer the institution?

I have that whole matter under consideration. I have had several reports to that effect already.