asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce whether he is aware that James Cummins, of Lower Valley, Fethard, Co. Tipperary, and several men from the same district signed the Unemployment Register at Clonmel early in October of this year, that they have reported themselves every Friday since at the Local Exchange at Clonmel, and that they can get no reply as to the decisions in their cases, and if he will expedite these decisions now long overdue.

James Cummins, of Lower Valley, Fethard, lodged a claim for benefit at Clonmel Branch Employment Office on 18th October, 1923. As a new Benefit Year had begun on the previous day, benefit could not be authorised until the accounts of insured contributors had been balanced, and this necessarily involved some delay in authorising claims generally. There appears, however, to have been additional delay in this particular case, in the transit of documents between the local office and Headquarters, into which the Minister is having enquiries made.

Benefit has now been authorised, and Mr. Cummins will receive payment during the current week.