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Dáil Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 20 Feb 1924

Vol. 6 No. 16


asked the Minister for Home Affairs whether it is intended to make payments to the late Republican Court Clerks for time lost and service rendered prior to and after the truce, and, if so, if he will state when such claims shall be considered?


Several such claims are under consideration. The rule of the Dáil Courts was, however, that the Clerk was paid on the spot out of Court fees, and, consequently, such claims as are now being made are usually founded on the plea that the Court fees were inadequate to pay the Clerk's salary, which in turn means that the Clerk's work was by no means heavy. It may, therefore, be taken that such claims will be very closely scrutinised, and will be admitted, if at all, only in exceptional circumstances and for strictly moderate amounts.

Arising out of the answer, I would like to ask the Minister for Home Affairs if he will take into consideration the fact that in many instances, if not in all, the District or Republican Court Clerks had to defray all the expenses such as postage, stationery, registration or service of summonses out of their own pockets?


I am not definitely aware of that. If the Deputy were to state it emphatically I probably would not deny it. Court Clerks may have incurred certain expenses in connection with the Courts, just as many Volunteer companies were run at the expense of the members, and yet it is not possible to consider the question of compensating the latter.

Arising out of the latter reply, may I ask if such claims are sent forward and the facts substantiated that such expenses have been incurred by the Clerks of the Republican Courts, will the Minister undertake to pay them?

How do you substantiate a fact?