asked the Minister for Local Government when he proposes to publish the report of the Inspector who inquired into the performance of its duty by the Dublin Corporation, and on which he based his decision to dissolve the Corporation.

The report in question is rather a voluminous one. I have had some hesitation in having it published, having regard to the expense involved. If, however, there is any general desire that it should be published, the work can be put in hands at once. In the meantime, I would be prepared to afford an opportunity for inspection of it to any interested party.

Does the Minister realise that when a decision such as that regarding the dissolution of the Dublin Corporation has been taken, it should have behind it some very definite reasons. Presumably those, reasons are contained in the report of the inspector. In such a case, is it not obvious that the report should be published.

If it is the general view of the House, I will certainly agree to it.

May I ask also whether the Minister has in mind the possibility of appointing Commissioners to act in place of the Dáil and Government—to do the work which, I presume, he would think the Dáil and the Government are not capable of doing.

The Minister's jurisdiction does not extend that far.