asked the Minister for Defence if he has received an application from Thomas F. Meagher, of 33 Island Road, Enniscorthy, an ex-Captain of the Irish Volunteers, for a pension, in consequence of disease aggravated by active service from 1916 to 1921.

Unless the disabilities from which Mr. Meagher suffers are due to some specific wound or injury received in the course of duty whilst on active service, his case would not come within the provisions of the Army Pensions Act, 1923. The amendment of that Act to cover cases of severe and permanent illness arising out of active service is, however, under consideration. In the meantime, I regret that I am unable to entertain Mr. Meagher's claim.

When the amending Act is passed may I take it that such cases as Meagher's will come under consideration?

That, of course, raises another question. I do not know whether the amending Bill will cover this particular case or not.

I take it that the President will have cases of that kind in mind?

The report of the Committee set up to consider this matter is at present before me, but I have not been able to complete the reading of it yet.