asked the Minister for Defence if he will state why a sporting gun, the property of J.J. Kennedy, of Carrigeens, Borrisleagh, which is at present in the hands of the National Army authorities, Dublin, and for which he has applied for a permit, has not been returned to him, and if the Minister is aware that the difficulties experienced in obtaining seized guns are causing great losses to farmers, whose crops are being destroyed by rabbits and woodpigeons.

Mr. Kennedy was requested on the 29th November last to forward the original receipt given for the gun by the British Authorities and a police permit authorising its possession now. No reply to this communication has been received.

Every effort is made to return surrendered arms as soon as they have been traced, but it is not open to the Military Authorities to do so unless the applicant has a police permit and produces satisfactory evidence of ownership. The original receipt of surrender of a gun is ordinarily required.