asked the Minister for Finance if an application for compensation was made on behalf of Mr. Francis Doyle, Marsh Lane, New Ross, in respect of damage done to his motor car by British forces in May, 1921; if the case has yet been heard, and if he will state when payment may be expected.

A claim for compensation for the commandeering of a motor car by Crown Forces on 2nd March, 1921, and for subsequent consequential loss owing to restrictions, was lodged with the Compensation (Ireland) Commission on behalf of the person named by the Deputy.

The claim has been ruled upon by the Commission as not within the scope of their terms of reference, so that the question of payment does not arise.

Is there not a tribunal to which this man would appeal by which the claim might be paid?

I would like notice of that question. It does appear to me that it is probably the sort of case that would come before the War Compensation Commission when established.

If I write to the President about it will be undertake to have it considered?

Yes, not payment of the claim, but rather the circumstances.

The circumstances of the case?