asked the Minister for Local Government and Public Health whether he is aware that no home assistance has been paid to the poor in Clonakilty and district since the County Amalgamation Scheme came into force; that the poor persons hitherto in receipt of outdoor relief are now suffering much hardship, and whether he will take steps to ensure immediate payment of home assistance to all persons who have not received payment since May 1st, 1924.

I have no information in regard to the first and second part of the question, but I am looking into the matter at once. A difficulty may have arisen through the non-receipt of funds by the West Cork County Board of Health from the County Council. I understand that at their meeting on the 28th instant the County Council were to sign transfer orders in favour of the treasures of the County Boards for the necessary money to enable them to meet their obligations, so that the difficulty has probably been overcome by now.