asked the Minister for Defence if he received a claim from Mr. O'Halloran, Upper Dominick Street, Galway, for £42 10s. for motor commandeered and damage done to the car by the military in December, 1922; if this claim was reduced by the officer in charge of claims, Galway and Renmore Barracks, to £27 10s., and if it was further reduced to £10 9s. 3d. by the Claims Officer at Portobello Barracks, Dublin; whether, in view of the fact that the military retained the car for five days, and that the car was severely damaged, he would reconsider the claim with a view to increasing the amount awarded; further, if he received a claim from Mr. O'Halloran for £25 12s. for a motor commandeered by Captain Flanagan and Lieutenant Barry on the 27th August, 1923, and for damage done to this car during the period that it was in use by those officers, and, if so, whether this latter claim has been settled.

Claims as submitted by Mr. O'Halloran and received in the Department of Defence in regard to a Ford car commandeered for five days in December, 1922, and two days in February, 1923, amounted to £28 11s. 3d. Hireage was charged at £17 10s. and was assessed in accordance with authorised rates at £5 5s. In respect of repairs £11 1s. 3d. was claimed. Allowing for a deduction from the cost of two new tyres which were fitted during repairs, the Army not being responsible for the complete wear of the old ones, £5 4s. 3d. was allowed.

In the circumstances there appears to be no scope for a reconsideration of the claims. Payment of the total sum of £10 9s. 3d. was made in full, and final settlement to Mr. O'Halloran on the 5th February last.

A further claim for £7 9s. (not £25 12s., as stated by the Deputy) arising out of the commandeering of a motor car by the officers mentioned on the 27th August, 1923, has been paid in full.