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Dáil Éireann debate -
Friday, 3 Apr 1925

Vol. 10 No. 22


I move:—

In page 2, section 1, line 23, after the figures "1913" the words "or a Friendly Society registered under the Friendly Societies Acts, 1896 and 1908, or a Trade Union registered under the Trade Union Acts, 1871 to 1913."

This is identical with the amendment which was put forward on the Committee Stage and withdrawn with a view to being reconsidered on the Report Stage. I understand that the President is not averse from accepting it, and, therefore, I will not delay the House in repeating the arguments I have made on it.

I propose to accept the amendment.

Amendment put and agreed to.
Amendment No. 2 not moved.

I move:—

In page 3, section 3 (4) to add a new paragraph:—

(e) a reconstructed house unless before such reconstruction the existing building to be reconstructed has been certified by an officer appointed by the Minister for the purpose or (in the case of an appeal to the Minister from a refusal by the appointed officer so to certify) by the Minister to be suitable for conversion into a house or houses to which this Act applies.

With the permission of the House, I would like to substitute for the words "the appointed" in the third last line the word "such."

In the Committee Stage we inserted an amendment in the Schedule, and it was subsequently taken out. This is the amendment we have now decided to put in, and consequently we will not move the next one.

Amendment, as altered, put and agreed to.
Amendment No. 4 not moved.

I move:—

In page 5, line 17, Section 8, to omit all words from and including the words "or after" down to and including the word "Society," line 20.

Amendment put and agreed to.

I move:—

In page 5 to add at the end of Section 8 a new sub-section as follows:

"For the purposes of the assessment and levying of any rate raised by a local authority for the service of any local financial year ending within seven years from the completion of reconstruction by a person or public utility society of a building in respect of which a grant shall have been made by the Minister, the valuation of such building under the Valuation Acts may, and when required by the Minister shall be deemed by the local authority to be the valuation which was in force in respect of such building under the said Acts immediately before such reconstruction."

The amendment is introduced to meet a point raised by Deputy Hogan when the Bill was in Committee

It is to carry out an undertaking that I gave.

Amendment put and agreed to.
Question:—"That the Bill, as amended, be received for final consideration," put and agreed to.

I move:—

Go gcuirtar ar fionnraoi forálacha Buan-Ordú 88, i dtaobh fógra do thabhairt chun Cúigiú Céim Bhille do thógaint, chun go gceadófar Cúigiú Céim Bille na dTithe, 1925, do thógaint Dé hAoine, 3adh Abrán, 1925.

That the provisions of Standing Order 88 as to the giving of notice for the taking of the Fifth Stage of a Bill be suspended to permit of the Fifth Stage of the Housing Bill, 1925, being taken on Friday, 3rd April, 1925.

Motion put and agreed to.