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Dáil Éireann debate -
Thursday, 12 Nov 1925

Vol. 13 No. 3


asked the Minister for Lands and Agriculture if he has received representations from a large number of tenants and uneconomic holders on and adjacent to the estate of the Marquis of Downshire (County Offaly Record No. E.C. 4179) regarding the action of the owners in depriving the smallholders of their customary right of turbary on the estate, and if he is prepared to recommend the Land Commission to exercise the powers conferred upon them under Section 42 of the Land Act, 1923.


On the sale of the Downshire Estate under the Act of 1903, the rights of turbary on the estate were conveyed by the owner to trustees so that the purchasing tenants and all other tenants, including tenants in Edenderry Town, might exercise the right to cut turf thereon in accordance with the Regulations then existing, subject to the liability of the tenant purchasers and other tenants so cutting to continue to pay to the agent for the time being of the Marquis of Downshire the sum of 2/- per perch for turf for home consumption, and 3/- per perch for turf cut for sale.

Complaints have been received as regards the manner in which the trust is exercised and the Commissioners are making inquiries into the matter.

I put down this question and a previous one on the information that the inspection had already been made and the report submitted to the Commissioners, and it was with that idea I wished to ascertain from the Minister whether he was prepared to recommend that the Land Commission should exercise the powers conferred on them, in a case of this kind.


The Deputy can take it that no decision one way or another has actually been come to. I am not prepared to contradict him as to whether the facts in the latter part of his question have reached the Land Commission. I daresay they have, but no decision has been come to as yet.