asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce if it is the intention of the Executive Council to use the powers given them in the Protection of the Community (Special Powers) Act, 1926, to restrict the price and maintain supplies of coal and if the Minister has any information to communicate to the Dáil in respect to the supply and price of fuel.

asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce if he will consider the advisability of controlling prices and rationing supplies of fuel; if he is aware that the prices now demanded for coal and turf are beyond the means of the poor and the working classes, and if he will state what action he proposes to take to deal with the supply and price of fuel in the future.

I propose at a convenient opportunity to make a statement as to the coal position, which cannot be adequately dealt with by means of question and answer.

Does the Minister propose to take advantage of a convenient opportunity to-day?

I am prepared to deal with the matter whenever the Dáil desires to have it.

That would be to-day.

At the end of questions we can arrange for a discussion of this matter.