asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce whether, in order to give early assistance to the unemployed not in receipt of unemployment benefit he will make recommendations to the Minister for Finance to deal with the matter as one of urgency.

The matter of unemployment is one which is the subject of constant attention on the part of the Minister for Finance and myself.

For my part I shall not fail to make the necessary recommendations to the Minister for Finance when it seems to me that urgent measures are called for.

Does the Minister propose to do anything to relieve the distress among the unemployed who have no method of obtaining benefit?

A considerable amount is being done towards relieving distress.

Will the Minister tell us what is being done?

Again I have to say that a detailed examination of a matter of this sort will involve more than can be adequately dealt with by way of question and answer. If the Deputy likes to arrange a suitable opportunity for the discussion of this matter I will be glad to facilitate him.

Will the Minister consider the advisability of extending unemployment benefit so as to give relief to those who are not in receipt of any benefit at the moment?

A question touching on that subject is actually on the Order Paper and I will reply to it in due course.