I move the adjournment until 4 o'clock to-morrow, and, if I am permitted, I would like to say that the funerals of Sergeant Fitzsimons and Gárda Ward will leave Kingsbridge Station at 1 p.m. sharp to-morrow for Glasnevin. I venture to express the hope that the members of the Oireachtas may find it possible to be in attendance. Arrangements have been made for their presence at the funeral.

I feel it very unpleasant to have even to express any doubt at all on a matter of this kind, but I cannot help wondering whether it is good policy to make a special exception in the case of the funerals of these two men who have lost their lives in most distressing and awful circumstances. We know, unfortunately, that there have been cases where Gardái lost their lives in the execution of their duty, and there were no public demonstrations of the sympathy of the people, and yet the sympathy was just as great and our feeling of abhorrence at the crimes just as intense as in these cases. I, think it is not at all fitting that there should be official State action taken in the form of a demonstration of sympathy in respect to these particular Gardái, when there were not similar demonstrations of sympathy in respect to the others.

I hope it will be understood that I am not less sympathetic or have less kindlier feelings in this matter because I say these things, but I do feel it is undesirable that the practice should go on, or that we should make a precedent of demonstrating in this public fashion our feelings of sympathy with particular men who have lost their lives in the execution of their duty, or our abhorrence of the crimes through which they have so lost their lives. I am very doubtful as to the discretion that has led to this decision. I can only give expression to my own view and I hope it will be understood in the sense in which it is put forward.