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Dáil Éireann debate -
Tuesday, 7 Dec 1926

Vol. 17 No. 7


The Dáil went into Committee on Finance.

I move—

Go bhfuil sé oiriúnach a údarú go n-íocfar amach as airgead a sholathroidh an tOireachtas—

(a) tuarastail no luach saothair d'éinne a ceapfar chun bheith ina Cheannasaí Mhaoine Tionnscail agus Tráchtála, d'éinne a ceapfar chun dualgaisí an Cheannasaí do cho-líona agus d'aon daoine a ceapfar chun bheith in a nOifigigh don Cheannasaí fé aon Acht a rithfar sa tSiosón so chun socrú do dhéanamh chun paitinní i gcóir cumadóireacht do dheona, chun patrúin agus marcanna trádála do chlárú, agus chun cóipcheart i Saorstát Eireann do mhíniú agus do chosaint;

(b) costaisí eile fé n-a raghfar chun an tAcht san so chur in éifeacht.

That it is expedient to authorise the payment out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas of—

(a) the salaries or remuneration of any person appointed to be Comptroller of Industrial and Commercial Property, of any person appointed to perform the duties of the Comptroller, and of any persons appointed to be officers of the Comptroller under any Act of the present Session to make provision for the granting of patents for inventions, the registration of designs and trade marks, and the definition and protection of copyright in Saorstát Eireann;

(b) other expenses incurred in carrying such Act into effect.

It is not possible at the present stage, nor will it be possible until a considerable amount of experience has been gained, to give an estimate that could be relied on as to the actual cost that will be incurred in carrying out the Act, but it is believed that the fees which will be charged will amount to such a sum that there will be no net charge on the Central Fund. The amount of the expenses, of course, will depend, to a very large extent, on the volume of business that will fall to be done by the office, and that is a matter on which experience will have to be gained.

Motion put and agreed to.
The Dáil went out of Committee.
Resolution reported.
Question—"That the Dáil agree with the Committee in this resolution"—put and agreed to.