asked the Minister for Local Government and Public Health if he is aware that where the erection of labourers' cottages was deferred in consequence of the war, and where no lettings were made of the plots acquired to agricultural labourers, in consequence of the plots not having been divided off and no fences erected, the plots are in a number of cases in the hands of the occupiers of the holdings on which they are situated; that the owners of such holdings refuse to pay the price to have plots re-conveyed to them or to pay any rent for same, with the result that many such occupiers have nearly secured a squatter's title to such plots, and whether he will consider taking measures to safeguard the property of local authorities, having regard to the possibility of money being made available in the future for further schemes under the Labourers Acts.

There may be some instances of the nature mentioned but the matter does not appear to have been brought under the notice of my Department. It is a suitable matter for inquiry and I am addressing a communication to local authorities asking for full particulars where such uncompleted schemes exist.