I move the adjournment until this day week.

Has the Minister for Finance, since the last time this particular operation was performed, made any estimate of the cost entailed to the State by bringing Deputies from the country for one day's sitting? Have we any guarantee that next week's sitting will be for more than one day? How often is this operation to be repeated between this and the Budget? Have we any assurance that there is work to be done by the Dáil, and that the Ministers who are the determining forces in the matter of business in this House will have some business for us to do when we meet next week?

We would have business for to-morrow but for the Deputy.

I think perhaps No. 7 on the Orders of the Day will keep us some time next week.

We have asked on various occasions on this side of the House for this Rates Adjustment Bill to be introduced, and we have been told that it could not be introduced owing to the pressure of business. This is only the second week we have sat since last July.

The Deputy must realise that there is business to be done which is not confined exclusively to this House. There are Bills at present in the draftsman's office that are occupying a considerable amount of time, that require a good deal of study, and that require very careful drafting. Some of these are of the first importance. We are particularly anxious to have them introduced, but we cannot get them from the office.

I was given to understand that the Bill was ready for introduction.

Is the Government anxious for an adjournment in order that Deputies would go to their constituents to see whether they like No. 7?

We are prepared to meet the Deputy or any combination of Deputies on that or any other point at any time.

The Dáil adjourned at 8.30 p.m. until Tuesday, the 15th instant.