asked the Minister for Finance if he will state on what date was the Tariff Commission appointed, on what date was application made to him for the imposition of a duty on imported margarine, when was the application referred to the Tariff Commission, and when the hearing of the application by the Commission will commence.

The Tariff Commission was established and the members appointed on the 2nd December, 1926. An application, made on the 25th November last, for the imposition of a Customs duty on imported margarine was referred to the Commission on the 11th December. In the time which has elapsed since then the Commission has had under consideration the case submitted in writing by the applicants, and has prepared the regulations for the governance of its proceedings to be made under Section 3 of the Tariff Commission Act, 1926. A sitting of the Commission to hear the application is being held to-day.

Is the Minister acquainted with the fact that the company which has closed down the factory had agreed to keep it open for a little while with a view to hearing the decision of the Commission?

That was said some time ago but I have not heard it recently.