asked the Minister for Justice whether he is aware that Séan O Coileáin, Gaelic teacher, Bandon, organised a concert in Bandon on April 8th, 1926, the proceeds of which were devoted to charity, that he was subsequently prosecuted at the District Court for failure to pay entertainment tax; whether, as alleged, he was not allowed to conduct his defence in Irish, with the result that he was fined fifty pounds; whether Mr. O Coileáin had given notice that he intended to conduct the case in Irish, and whether, in view of this and of the provisions of Article 4 of the Constitution, the Minister is in a position to take any action in this case.

I am aware that Seán O Coileáin was charged before the District Court with having admitted for payment to a concert of which he was manager, a person with a ticket which was not stamped with a stamp denoting that the proper entertainment duty had been paid. The prosecution was at the instance of the Revenue Commissioners. The defendant was convicted and fined. He appealed to the Circuit Court, but his appeal was, I believe, unsuccessful. I understand that he then went to the High Court to have the conviction quashed on the ground that he was not allowed by the District Court to conduct his defence in Irish and that he was accordingly prejudiced in his defence. The High Court has not yet finally heard the case and the application of Article 4 of the Constitution to the facts of this particular case is at present sub judice. The Deputy will therefore appreciate that it would not be proper for me to say anything on the matter at this stage.