asked the Minister for Justice if he will state what sentence was imposed on Mr. Denis Leyden, O'Callaghan Mills, County Clare, and if he is aware that Mr. Leyden was arrested in June, 1923, and has already spent fifteen months in jail, and if he will review this man's sentence in the light of the period he has already spent in jail.

Denis Leyden was convicted at the Central Criminal Court on the 8th February, 1927, on charges of wounding and assaulting two peace officers and was sentenced to a term of six months imprisonment and was ordered to enter into a recognisance, himself in £100 and two sureties of £50 each, to keep the peace for a period of two years or in default to be imprisoned for a further period of twelve months. Leyden was in military custody from 27th June, 1923, to 15th July, 1924. As regards the last part of the Deputy's question. I cannot undertake to state here whether the prerogative of mercy should be exercised in a particular case and I can only say that if a petition is presented in Leyden's behalf I will give it full consideration in the light of all the relevant circumstances.