asked the Minister for Lands arid Agriculture if he is aware that during the week before Easter large quantities of Polish and other foreign eggs were advertised and sold in retail shops at 1s. 2d. per dozen in Glasgow and Greenock as "Irish eggs," if he is also aware that Danish and other foreign margarine is sold in retail shops in Glasgow and Greenock as "Irish butter" and ticketed at 1s. 6d. per pound, and if the Minister will state what steps he proposes to adopt to meet these frauds on Irish products in Scotch and English cities and towns.

I have had no complaint on the subject of the Question, but I have had the matter brought to the notice of the Commissioner for Trade. If specific information can be supplied, investigation would be facilitated.

I had some supplementary questions to put to the Minister, but I do not intend to put them now owing to his absence.