asked the Minister for Finance if he will state the number of temporary clerks who have entered for the forthcoming examination to be held this month in the following classes:—(a) Persons, whether or not at present employed in a Government Department, who have had by the 1st May, 1927, not less than six months' approved service in a temporary clerical capacity (paid out of public funds) in a Government Department, and who have given not less than six months approved service in the National Forces, and (b) persons who entered for the limited competition for clerical officers held by the Civil Service Commissioners in June-July, 1925, and were prevented by illness or by some other cause, which the Commissioners may deem sufficient, from attending at or completing the examination.

The number of candidates who have entered for the examination to be held this month for clerical posts under the heading (a) is 316, and under (b) 22.