den Aire Tionnscail agus Trachtála ar chuir sé teachtairí go dtí Nás Laighean i mí Feabhra na bliadhna seo chun na Monarchan Brat Urláir d'infiúchadh; ar tugadh geallúint do mhuinntir Náis go gcuirfí Cigire amach chun ceist na Monarchan do bhreithniú; ar gealladh go dtabharfaí cóimhthionól lucht gnótha agus lucht déantúsaí le chéile, agus cad chuige mar deineadh amhlaidh; an ndéanfaidh an tAire anois féin a dhícheall chun an Mhonarcha san do chur ar siúbhal aris ag déanamh brat urláir no éadach fear, no a leithéide, má bhíonn muinntir Náis toilteannach roinnt airgid do sholáthar chuige sin.

Following on representations on the subject of unemployment in Naas, early in 1927, a promise was given that inquiries would be made into the possibility of reopening the carpet factory at Naas. An investigation was made into the state of the carpet industry generally in the Saorstát, but the information obtained held out little hope of an early reopening of the Naas factory, and in consequence it was decided to postpone convening a meeting of such business people in Naas as might be prepared to put up part of the necessary capital if the old company or a new company were prepared to restart work.

In view of the possibility of local capital being available for some other local enterprise as is suggested by the Deputy's question, arrangements will be made to send a representative of the Department to Naas to investigate the possibility of some other industry being started and to ascertain to what extent local capital would be available for the purpose.


Arising out of the Minister's reply, is he aware that at the time this carpet company had to be closed down it was just beginning to establish a very good connection with Canada and America? Is he aware that it had acquired this holding from a cooperative society, which was originally started by people in the district, and that it was just beginning to do well when two or three labour disputes occurred, for two of which the people in the district were not responsible?