asked the Minister for Local Government and Public Health if he has received an application from Enniscorthy Urban District Council asking for a grant towards the provision of a new water supply for that town, and, if so, whether he will allocate portion of the £150,000 for that purpose, and thereby relieve unemployment in that area.

An application for a grant has been received in this case. The work is one which in the ordinary course should be carried out by the Urban District Council by means of a loan. The Council have been asked to make such application and to submit plans, etc., of the work to be carried out. The allocation of relief funds will rest with the Department of Finance.

Is the Minister aware that if the Enniscorthy Urban District Council were to apply for a loan to try to carry out this scheme it would cost the ratepayers about 2/- in the £?

I, personally, have no knowledge of the matter.