asked the Minister for Fisheries if he is aware that action has been taken by the Limerick Board of Conservators requiring the Trustees of the Rinn and Black River drainage district to alter the Tooman Weir in County Leitrim, so as to comply with the Fishery Act; whether, having regard to the fact that this weir was erected by the Board of Works at the request of the late Lord Leitrim, and to the detriment of the farmers in the locality through the flooding of their lands, the Minister will see that any expense in altering said weir shall be borne by those who are responsible for its existence there, and, also, will he take steps to ensure that the severe damage by flooding referred to, will be removed.

The attention of the Limerick Board of Conservators of Fisheries was drawn by me to apparent illegalities in connection with the weir referred to. The question of who is to bear any expense which may be incurred in complying with the law, by persons other than the Conservators, is not for me to determine. The removal or prevention of damage by flooding in the area controlled by this weir is, I understand, the business of the Rinn and Black River Drainage Trustees. The position was fully explained in reply to a question by Deputy Michael Carter on the 26th July last.