asked the Minister for Fisheries if he is aware that the lands of the Mitchelstown demesne are being sold by Colonel King Harman, in parcels, consisting of (a) 150 acres, (b) 100 acres, and (c) 80 acres, to three persons, including a farmer, already holding 200 acres, and a solicitor; if he is aware that there are already 120 applications from uneconomic holders, farmers' sons without land, and farm labourers, living within a two-mile radius of the demesne; and if he will immediately take steps to prevent the wholesale selling of the demesne, and see that it is divided up amongst uneconomic holders, evicted tenants and landless men at once.

The question of the acquisition of the lands is being considered by the Land Commission, and, in the event of their being acquired, the claims of all suitable persons will be considered when the lands are being distributed. The Land Commission have been informed that the owner has entered into negotiations for the sale of portion of these lands but their power to acquire the lands will not be affected in the event of their being sold.