asked the Minister for Finance if he would inquire into the immediate necessity for the deepening of the main drain leading from the River Moy at Cloonacanna, and passing through the townlands of Cloonacanna, Ballydrum, Cloonlara and Culmore, near the town of Swinford; if he is aware that the holdings on these townlands are small and uneconomic, and considerable loss has been sustained by these poor people by the flooding of their lands; whether several applications for this work have been made within the last five years; and if he is aware that the work would give helpful employment to those tenants and enable them to make more tillage.

Petitions under the Arterial Drainage Act, 1925, have been received by the Commissioners of Public Works from the Mayo County Council in respect of the River Moy and its tributaries (including the stream referred to in the question) comprising a total length of 200 miles. As stated in my reply to Deputy Davis on the 11th instant, the Commissioners' Engineer's report on the scheme has not yet been completed. In addition, the lands concerned will have to be inspected by a land valuer, who will be sent to the district at an early date. Pending the receipt and consideration of the engineer's and valuer's reports, it is not possible to make any definite statement in the matter.