asked the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs if he will state what works have been carried out at the Killarney Post Office within the past twelve months, the cost of same, by whom examined and certified, and whether tenders or quotations had been invited from local contractors in connection with such works, and, if not, whether he will state the reason for not allowing such works open for competition.

The works carried out at Killarney Post Office for the past twelve months consisted of maintenance items, all of a minor nature, with the exception of one item, viz.—Opening and closing ground for telephone cable in December, 1926, which cost £22.

The total cost of the works amounted to £35 4s. 8d., and the claims that made up that amount were examined and certified by the Board of Works' Accountant and Architects.

The work of opening and closing ground for the telephone cable had to be ordered from a local contractor as an item of urgency, and there was no opportunity of inviting competitive tenders for it. The remaining works consisted of trivial repairs, for which orders were given to local contractors, in the usual way, without competition. Competition in such cases would be a waste of time.