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Dáil Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 23 Nov 1927

Vol. 21 No. 17


asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce if particulars in detail can be had to explain what goods are covered by "Other Sorts," under heading of the Export of Waste Paper or Paper Making Materials, as appearing on page 57 of the Trade and Shipping Statistics for the year 1926; also, under what heading are classified the returns and over-issues sent back to England for account of newspapers, such as "Daily Mail,""Chronicle,""Sketch," etc., and whether the unsold copies of domestic newspapers shipped abroad are classified as waste paper.

The description of goods as given in exporters' declarations, which are included under the heading "Other Sorts" of paper-making materials, consist principally of "old rope" and to a less extent "old bagging," with occasional mention of other items such as "wood shavings,""canvas hose-piping," etc., specifically intended for paper making.

English newspapers returned are classified as re-exports under the heading "Newspapers" in Class II., Group I., on page 66 of the Trade and Shipping Statistics.

Domestic newspapers exported for sale as such are classified as exports under the heading "Newspapers" in Class III., Group K, on page 58 of the same publication. Where exported for sale as waste paper, they are classified under the heading "Waste Paper" in Class III., Group I., on page 57.