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Dáil Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 28 Mar 1928

Vol. 22 No. 17


asked the Minister for Finance if he will state whether, in the case of applicants for old age pensions, who are being supported by charitable relatives of whatever degree of relationship or by charitable neighbours, such support is taken into consideration in the reckoning of means of such applicants; and whether, in the event of such support subsequently ceasing for any reason, the fact that it had hitherto been given would still be considered under the Old Age Pensions Acts.

Under Section 2 (1) d of the Old Age Pensions Act, 1911, account must be taken in calculating the means of any person for old age pension purposes of "the yearly value of any benefit or privilege enjoyed by that person."

Where, therefore, an applicant for old age pension is supported by relatives or neighbours, the annual value of the support is taken into account in estimating his means.

In cases where support is given for a time and is subsequently withdrawn it is open to the person concerned to make fresh application for a pension or for an increase of pension in accordance with the decreased value of his means.